Learning the Benefits of Chinese Healing Herbs

If you claim that Chinese healing herbs are getting more popular in the recent time, no body will deny that fact. It can be true, because the patients’ recovery sit on number one hundred after the profit for medicine manufacturing companies in the top list. That’s why; a lot of people try to find the selection treatments, including the herbs.

Drawing Flak

There is a judgment that lots of people make for the conventional medicines. Besides, the side effects will worsen the condition of patients and put them deeper at risks. But, many people who have tried Chinese healing herbs claim that it is effective enough, although they can’t say that it’s better than any traditional medicines accessible on the market today.

There is a reason why Chinese healing herbs are more trustful than traditional medicines: Sildenafil Citrate. The users will get many benefits from this ingredient, so becomes the reason why herbs can cure many different ailments.

The contents Sildenafil Citrate in Chinese healing herbs will allow men to solve their impotence problem. In fact, such herbs are also accessible on the market for a lot of centuries. This is what pharmaceutical companies learn from the advantages of Chinese herbs. Therefore, people can put their expectation to get the best help of herbs for their health. Now, it’s time for you to take the herbs soon. The herbs still remain some other benefits; one of them is reducing your weight. If you have a problem with obesity, so you are suggested to use Chinese herbs for weight loss. Then, it brings progress in the form of the lower body weight you will get.

In using the Chinese healing herbs, please remember that you need to ensure about the properness of the herb you will take by getting the agreement from the herbalist, because they recognize well about what you should and shouldn’t take to cope with your ailments.

HerbsSecrets is a professional online natural medication from herbs, and any other related problem about herbal medicine, including Chinese healing herbs.



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BPH Treatments with Surgery Must Be Used When Urinary Obstruction is Substantial as Dr. Allens Device Treats this Problem Naturally, Reports Fine Treatment

London, GB (PRWEB) November 20, 2014

According to a recent article in the Renal and Urology News, “transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP) is still the most common surgical treatment for benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), but its rate of use has been declining in the wake of a growing popularity of laser prostatectomies.” However after both surgeries men can suffer from different side effects. At the same time prostate enlargement can be terminated and reversed with the use of Dr. Allen’s Device, so this harmless therapy ought to be tried in the first place when a man is diagnosed with BPH.

The article ‘Laser Surgery Gaining on Transurethral Resection (TURP) for Enlarged Prostate,’ dated November 05, 2014, in the Renal and Urology News, says that patients aged 45 years or oldater were progressively less likely to receive laser treatments and furthermore patients with comorbidities were less likely to receive laser treatment.

The use of laser prostatectomy (coagulation, enucleation, or vaporization) rose significant from 6.4% of cases in 2000-2002 to 44.5% in 2009-2011, whereas the use of TURP declined significantly from 72.2% to 48.3% of cases during the same time periods, Dr. Chughtai’s team reported in the Journal of Endourology, on October 29, 2014. However, laser treatment was utilized more in younger patients, in those privately insured, in hospitals with high volumes of BPH procedures, and in patients with fewer comorbid conditions

However, both BPH surgical treatments have similar side effects which must be considered seriously, especially when these options are discussed with younger patients. For instance, the article ‘What Are the Possible Side Effects of Laser Prostate Surgery?’ explores that according to MayoClinic.com, laser prostate surgery can cause a range of urinary side effects, including urinary retention – problems urinating – and urinary tract infections. Laser surgery for an enlarged prostate gland can adversely affect the normal flow of sperm out of the penis, resulting in a condition called retrograde ejaculation. Rarely, certain laser prostate surgeries can cause erectile dysfunction, or impotence.

In most BPH cases, surgeries can now be replaced with the Thermobalancing therapy, as Dr. Allen’s therapeutic device is able to terminate prostate enlargement effectively. A video recorded by the Oxford Innovation Centre demonstrates how to use Dr Allen’s Device and what its benefits are: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V5xidswhxJM.

“When the urinary obstruction is not extensive, Thermobalancing therapy is the crucial treatment option for enlarged prostate,” notes Dr. Simon Allen. “Dr. Allen’s Device reduces the troubling urinary symptoms gradually by reversing BPH naturally.”

For more details, visit Fine Treatment at http://finetreatment.com/bph-treatment-prostate-enlargement.

About Dr. Simon Allen and Fine Treatment:

Dr. Simon Allen, MD, PhD, Academician, member of the ATA, is a highly experienced medical professional. His specialty is in internal medicine. He has treated a wide range of chronic diseases, including patients after a heart attack, stroke, with kidneys problems, including kidney stones disease, prostate and spine conditions, as well as metabolic disorders.

Fine Treatment ensures international availability of Dr. Allen’s Devices for the treatment of chronic prostatitis and BPH, coronary heart disease, for dissolving kidney stones, for a powerful relief of upper and lower back pain and sciatica, as well as for natural brain function support.

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The Berkowitz Law Firm LLC Announces that it is Evaluating Potential Testosterone Therapy Claims

Stamford, Connecticut (PRWEB) May 20, 2014

The Connecticut defective drug lawyers of The Berkowitz Law Firm LLC are announcing that they are evaluating testosterone therapy claims on behalf of men who have suffered alleged injuries as a result of testosterone therapy products.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a safety announcement Jan. 21, 2014 notifying the public of its plans to investigate the potential risk of stroke, heart attack and death in men who use testosterone therapy products. The agency said its decision to reassess the safety of low-T products is based on results from two separate studies that suggest testosterone replacement therapy may be linked to an increase in the risk for serious cardiovascular events.*

Testosterone replacement therapy products, although only approved to treat symptoms of low testosterone levels associated with conditions such as hypogonadism, have been prescribed to men for complaints of symptoms associated with normal aging. In fact, according to an article published May 8, 2014 by CBS, sales of testosterone replacement drugs have surpassed those of Viagra, raking in more than $ 1.6 billion in the U.S.**

“Our lawyers are currently evaluating claims on behalf of men who have been prescribed testosterone replacement therapy products and who have suffered heart complications such as heart attack and stroke,” said Russell Berkowitz, Founding Partner of The Berkowitz Law Firm LLC.

According to the FDA’s safety announcement, the first study that prompted its investigation into the safety of testosterone replacement involved an analysis of older men in the U.S. Veterans Affairs health system. The study, which was published in the November 2013 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), suggests a 30 percent greater risk of stroke, heart attack and death in men that use testosterone replacement. ***

A second study reported a two-fold increased risk for heart attack in men older than 65 years and a two- to three-fold increase risk for heart attack in men younger than 65 who have a history of heart disease.****

In light of the FDA’s investigation into the safety of these drugs, The Berkowitz Law Firm LLC reports that it is evaluating claims on behalf of men who have allegedly suffered heart problems and who have a history of using testosterone therapy products, including:


For more information or to speak with a Connecticut personal injury lawyer about a possible claim, contact The Berkowitz Law Firm LLC today.



** http://denver.cbslocal.com/2014/05/08/low-t-patients-poised-to-sue-drug-makers/

***Vigen R, O’Donnell CI, Baron AE, et al. Association of testosterone therapy with mortality, myocardial infarction, and stroke in men with low testosterone levels. JAMA. 2013;310(17):1829-1836.


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Manchester Online Pharmacy launch Mobile Website after huge Patient Demand

Bury, Lancashire (PRWEB UK) 8 April 2015

Medical Specialists® Pharmacy are delighted to announce they have now gone mobile! The new mobile website has been created due to the ever-changing requirements of their patients, with increasingly hectic lifestyles now meaning a lot of us are using our mobile phones or tablets to access the internet whilst on the go.

The streamlined mobile site will offer a much faster, efficient and overall better browsing experience for all new and existing patients, with optimal download speed and a site that has been designed specifically for the differing screen shapes and sizes of mobile devices.

Introducing the mobile version of the Medical Specialists® website will be fantastic news to those always on the move throughout the day, with little time to sit down at a computer, or even those that don’t own a computer. The pharmacy receives countless phone calls from patients each and every day looking to place a telephone order with them purely because they are struggling to order from their tablet or phone, so the Medical Specialists® IT department realised a mobile-friendly website was absolutely vital to cater for the needs of the massive patient base that come to them.

Those patients that are returning to Medical Specialists® will now be able to log-in to their user area within seconds of accessing the mobile site, with a more concise, rapid and mobile-friendly browsing experience when searching for treatments of conditions like erectile dysfunction, male pattern baldness, alcohol dependence and much more.

After all, nobody wants to spend time on their mobile phone or tablet attempting to frantically scroll through a condensed desktop website that is simply too difficult to read and too time consuming when trying to perform the most basic of tasks on it.

Most of us will have been there before…somebody sends us a link to a website either by text message or email, and clicking on the link merely brings up an unviewable, scrambled, chaotic mess. Annoyingly, the screen size will probably have to be resized upon each click of that website’s subpages – zooming in and out – with agonisingly slow loading times from all the text and images the mobile device will have to load from the desktop site.

Moreover, imagine as a business having a collection of your website links all squashed together just because the page isn’t configured for a mobile device, coupled with the fact we have to use our fingers which aren’t as accurate as the click of a computer mouse…potential customers may find themselves consistently pressing the wrong link and quickly ending up very frustrated!

If the user can’t easily browse and read the content on a specific website from their mobile device, they will leave frustrated, uninspired, and that particular business has just lost out on a potential sale and long-term customer.

Anyone already familiar with Medical Specialists® will perhaps not be surprised at the introduction of the new mobile site. For over 20 years they have been at the forefront of using the internet as an efficient way of reaching out to patients, mainly with the changing demands of today’s world. Back in 1994 Medical Specialists® was heavily involved in computerisation of their patients and medication, and then by 2001 became the first legal online clinic in the UK supplying a range of medication via online consultation, by their in-house Doctor.

Then from 2012, the pharmacy could dispense NHS prescriptions either by patients sending their paper prescriptions or if the patient’s GP sends the prescription to the pharmacy via the Electronic Prescription Service. As previously reported on the Chamber of Commerce, in 2014 Medical Specialists® also started to offer certain over-the-counter products on e-commerce giant Amazon, and has seen this side of the business boom in the subsequent months. Therefore, the need for a mobile site was imperative and may lead to even further growth for Medical Specialists® in the very near future!

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Zoll, Kranz & Borgess, LLC is Investigating Potential Cases of Men Who Developed Melanoma After Taking Viagra

Toledo, OH (PRWEB) April 17, 2014

Studies have suggested that sildenafil use may increase the invasiveness of melanoma cells, which may raise the possible adverse effect of melanoma. On April 7, 2014, a new study was published in JAMA Internal Medicine. (Wen-Qing Li, PHD, et al., “Sildenafil Use and Increased Risk of Incident Melanoma in US Men. A Prospective Cohort Study. JAMA INTERN MED. Published Online 4/7/14.) The prospective cohort study involved 25,848 men. (Participants who reported cancers at baseline were excluded.) The incidence of skin cancers, including melanoma, squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) and basal cell carcinoma (BCC), was obtained in self-reported questionnaires biennially. The diagnosis was pathologically confirmed.

The study confirmed that sildenafil use may be associated with an increased risk of developing melanoma. Specially, men who had recently used sildenafil had nearly twice the risk of developing melanoma after adjusting for other risk factors (hazard ratio 1.84, 95% CI, 1.04 – 3.22). Men who had used sildenafil at any time had a similar increase in risk. The researchers did not observe an increase in risk of other skin cancers (basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma). In addition, there was no significant association between erectile function by itself and melanoma.

ZKB is nationally recognized for its work on defective drug and medical device cases, such as the DePuy ASR hip litigation (Northern District of Ohio MDL 2197) that recently resulted in a proposed $ 2.4 billion dollar settlement. ZKB is dedicated to compelling companies to produce safer products. Injured clients and partnering attorneys appreciate and rely upon over 70 years of combined experience in mass torts and multidistrict litigation. To learn more about the law firm and its attorneys, please visit ZKBlaw.com

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Pharmacist Pleads Guilty to Dispensing Fake Viagra
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Prostate Removal Procedure with Steam Sounds Simple But Must Be Considered Seriously while Dr. Allens Device Treats BPH Gradually, Highlights Fine Treatment

London, GB (PRWEB) November 26, 2014

A ten-second blast of steam could be a promising new treatment for men with an enlarged prostate, says a recent article in the Daily Mail. However, the use of any thermal procedure that involves damage of the prostate tissue should be measured carefully, as it like ‘photoselective prostate laser vaporization’ may have serious side effects. At the same time Dr. Allen’s Device can help to terminate prostate enlargement naturally and reduce lower urinary tract symptoms dramatically, Fine Treatment reveals.

According to the article, ‘Alternative treatment shrinks enlarged prostates using a ten-second blast of steam,’ dated October 21, 2013, in the Daily Mail, BPH treatment with alpha-blockers has side-effects including dizziness and headaches. Around 50,000 men a year require surgery to correct the problem after drug therapies have failed. However, existing techniques can have mixed results and carry a risk of impotence and urinary incontinence. Therefore, the experimental therapy that uses steam to destroy excess tissue caused by BPH is promising.

At the same time, previous investigations of the thermal therapy side effects have shown that it can produce them often. For instance, the article ‘Erectile dysfunction following treatments of BPH’ states, “Transurethral vaporization caused loss of erectile functions in 4 of 14 potent patients (29%) at the 3-month follow-up and, one of these patients recovered erectile functions at 6 months.”

Moreover, there are many men’s forums in the Internet that give clear ‘pros and cons’ regarding different enlarged prostate treatments. For example, in the steady-health.com which was updated on November 1, 2014, a man posted the following: “I had Green Light surgery about 11 months ago. It took about four months before initial problems went away, including feeling like I might pee on myself and almost constant bladder spasms. During the following months I saw my urologist several more times because my urinating didn’t improve much. Now, 11 months later, my stop and go urination is back to about the level it was prior to the operation.”

In contrast to BPH medications and any prostate surgical procedure, Dr. Allen’s Device improves the condition of a prostate gland by enhancing blood circulation locally. Please watch a short informative video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V5xidswhxJM.

“Men with BPH without chronic severe urinary obstruction should start Thermobalancing therapy as soon as the problem is diagnosed,” says Dr. Simon Allen. “Dr. Allen’s Device terminates and reverses prostate enlargement reducing LUTS and protecting men from risky surgeries.”

For details, please visit Fine Treatment at http://finetreatment.com/bph-treatment-prostate-enlargement.

About Dr. Simon Allen and Fine Treatment:

Dr. Simon Allen, MD, PhD, Academician, member of the ATA, is a highly experienced medical professional. He specializes in internal medicine. He has treated a wide range of chronic diseases, including patients after a heart attack, with kidneys problems, including kidney stones disease, prostate and spine conditions, as well as metabolic disorders. Fine Treatment supports global customer outreach, and ensures international availability of Dr. Allen’s Devices for the treatment of chronic prostatitis and BPH, coronary heart disease, for dissolving kidney stones, as well as for easing headaches, dizziness, and relieving lower back pain and sciatica.

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Susan Cho Figenshau, P.C. Comments on the Effects of President Obama’s Executive Action on Immigration Reform

St. Louis, MO (PRWEB) December 02, 2014

Susan Cho Figenshau, attorney for Susan Cho Figenshau, P.C., has commented on the President’s recent actions regarding immigration. More than 20 years experience in immigration law has provided Figenshau with the experience to see what kind of changes need to be made in the immigration system.

President Obama’s immigration reform plans “will help secure the border, hold nearly 5 million undocumented immigrants accountable, and ensure that everyone plays by the same rules,” according to a White House press release.

Figenshau sees a lot of work to be done in order to make the immigration system run more smoothly, but sees promise in the President’s plans.

“A comprehensive overhaul is what’s needed, but absent that, at least President Obama’s promise of executive action includes some attention to national security/technology, improvement in wages for Immigration and Customs Enforcement personnel, and some relief to the drawn-out permanent residency process for the hundreds of thousands of foreign-born professionals who are contributing to our nation’s businesses while obeying US immigration laws,” says Figenshau.

According to CNBC’s November 20 article, “Obama: ‘Our immigration system is broken, and everybody knows it,’” “The three main elements of the actions will be cracking down on illegal immigration at the border; deporting felons, but not families; and establishing criminal background checks and taxes for undocumented immigrants.”

Figenshau sees potential promise, but notes the executive action is void of substantial improvement for professionals residing and working in the U.S. legally. “What’s really needed is relief for the hundreds of thousands of foreign-born professionals who are contributing to our economy and enduring the burden, cost, and insecurity of extending temporary immigration status while lawfully pursuing the permanent residency process,” Figenshau says.

“By registering and passing criminal and national security background checks, millions of undocumented immigrants will start paying their fair share of taxes and temporarily stay in the U.S. without fear of deportation for three years at a time,” the White House release said.

Additionally, if undocumented immigrants submit to these background checks, register with the government, pay fees and show they have a child born in the U.S., they “will have the opportunity to request temporary relief from deportation and work authorization for three years at a time.”

Susan Cho Figenshau, notes that while millions of undocumented persons may get some relief from the executive order, it remains to be seen what changes will actually be implemented — especially changes relative to professionals who are long-time contributors to the U.S.

“Because our Constitution vests Congress the exclusivity with respect to creating new laws, Congress can make impotent — or at least attempt to render impotent — executive action by legislation, or refusal to fund actions or programs required to carry out executive action,” she says.

About Susan Cho Figenshau, P.C.

Susan Cho Figenshau, P.C. is an immigration lawyer with 20 years of experience in immigration law. She represents employers in numerous fields, including technology, telecommunications, healthcare, educational and more. To learn more, visit http://strictlyimmigration.com